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The TN70 kit includes a blind WAAS GPS with install kit and companion WAAS Antenna with fixing screws, mounting template and installation instructions.

SKU: 01381-00
Category: Avionics, GPS Products

Certified WAAS GPS receiver and antenna

If you’re an aircraft owner looking for a fully compliant ADS-B Out solution, then the TN70 is the ideal partner for Trig transponders. The TN70 is simple to install and provides a great way to add a certified FAA TSO C-145 WAAS GPS receiver to complete your ADS-B Out installation.


  • WAAS GPS receiver – kit includes Trig’s TA70 antenna
  • Meets TSO C145 – compliant for 2020 ADS-B
  • Completes your ADS-B Out solution
  • Requires no panel space – lightweight and easy to install
  • Compatible with Trig transponders
  • Worldwide Trig support


If you already own a suitable Trig transponder then our TN70 kit is the easiest way to become ADS-B compliant. The TN70 includes a certified WAAS GPS and our companion TA70 GPS antenna, designed to enhance your aircraft via a simple install that will deliver excellent ADS-B Out performance.

The TN70 takes no panel space, it’s fitted discretely as a stand-alone GPS so you can retain and use your existing panel equipment. Each TN70 includes an install kit for the WAAS GPS and antenna along with relevant FAA 8130 certification.

If you need a Trig transponder to complete your TN70 ADS-B solution, then simply add one of our class leading products certified to TSO C166b, the latest ADS-B standard. A Trig transponder is the hub of an ADS-B Out system, using extended squitter to communicate with ground stations and suitably equipped aircraft. Trig transponders use 1090ES technology – the ICAO’s International Standard.

Trig has an established FAA STC program via our certification partner, Peregrine of Denver. Certified aircraft owners who buy a TN70 kit are eligible to receive a free FAA STC data pack from Peregrine. If you are based outside the U.S. then please consult your Approved Trig Dealer. There may be value in using the Trig STC as a template for subsequent approval within your local ADS-B certification regime.